Monocular Telescope for Adults, Kids, Beginners - Portable Telescopes for Stargazing & Astronomy - High Definition Telescope with 114mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length

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Our professional telescope is a versatile optical instrument for celestial and terrestrial observations. With its powerful features and robust design, this telescope delivers an immersive viewing experience.


-Magnification range: Choose from 8 options (35x to 348x) for versatile exploration of celestial objects and terrestrial subjects with our powerful monocular telescope.
-Superior optics: High-quality optical glass of the compact monocular telescope ensures exceptional light transmission and minimal distortion for sharp and clear images.
-Sturdy and portable design: Durable ABS and metal construction withstand outdoor conditions. Adjustable telescope tripod height (80cm to 135cm) provides stability and comfort.
-Comprehensive telescope accessories: Includes finder scope (5x24), eyepieces (H6mm, H12mm, H20mm), teleconverters (3x, 1.5x), and more for enhanced observing capabilities.
-Wide field of view: 1.2° view angle allows for extensive coverage, providing clear views of the night sky and distant landscapes.


-Explore the cosmos: Observe celestial bodies in detail, including the Moon, planets, star clusters, and galaxies.
-Appreciate nature: Our long range monocular telescope lets you capture breathtaking views of wildlife, landscapes, and distant horizons during outdoor adventures.
-Durable and reliable: The astronomical telescope is built with quality materials for long-lasting performance and durability.
-Portability and flexibility: Lightweight and compact design of our portable telescope allows for easy transport to different observing locations.

Experience our high definition monocular telescope, a unique instrument for astronomical and wildlife exploration and a must-have in your camping accessories. Its superior optics, versatile range, and telescope accessories make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and nature lovers.
    • Versatile magnification range: Achieve detailed observations from our monocular telescope with magnification options ranging from 35x to 348x, allowing users to explore a wide range of celestial objects and terrestrial subjects.
    • Superior optics: Constructed with high-quality optical glass, the powerful monocular telescope delivers crisp and clear images, ensuring excellent light transmission and minimal distortion for an enhanced viewing experience.
    • Sturdy and portable design: Crafted from durable ABS and metal materials, this telescope is built to withstand outdoor conditions. The lightweight construction and adjustable tripod make it easy to carry and set up for various observing locations.
    • Comprehensive accessories: Equipped with many telescope accessories including a finder scope, eyepieces, teleconverters, and a moon film, the reflector telescope gives users a complete package to enhance their observing capabilities. Phone adapter not included.
    • Wide field of view: With a generous view angle of 1.2°, this astronomical telescope allows for extensive coverage, enabling users to explore vast areas of the night sky or observe distant landscapes with impressive clarity.

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